The Code of the Professional Defensive Shooting Instructors:
A Personal View by Grant Cunningham.

When I talk with other instructors, I don't spend a lot of time - any, really - on calibers, stopping power, or any of the other trite topics which are the staple of gun magazines and online forums. I'm not all that excited about shooting per se, but am very intrigued with the ideas that underlie the teaching of others: how to communicate more effectively, how to bring concepts and ideas to life for my students.

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We are very excited to announce the release of the latest ADSI Distance Education Course “Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor”.

This course has been long anticipated and is the first to represent the original goal of the ADSI Online Courses of Study for those who are, or who are interested in, teaching defensive shooting skills to others.

Regardless of whether you are just starting your journey as a teacher in this realm or you are already teaching in the public or private sector, we believe that the concepts being shared in this course will help you to fulfill your goals professionally and continue to become the best Defensive Shooting Instructor that you can be.

This course is the first one that capitalizes on the relationship between ADSI and the Personal Defense Network’s production resources. It reflects the types of presentation and depth of information that you can expect from ADSI from here on out.

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First Online Course Launched at ADSI’s Virtual School


After several months of development, the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors (ADSI) has launched it’s Virtual School and first distance education course for instructors. This course, on how to teach Intuitive Sighted Fire, is the first of what will eventually be the highest quality collection of Defensive Shooting Instructor Development Courses on the Internet. It consists of video lecture, downloadable documents and video taken during actual classes demonstrating the teaching methods being advised. Read more

Not a Square deal! by Grant Cunningham

Square, the iPhone-friendly charge card acceptance service, stunned the firearms industry recently when they decided they would no longer accept accounts from companies that sold weapons – or, presumably, had anything to do with weaponry.

Many small companies in the firearms and training businesses had come to rely on Square to be able to accept credit cards from their customers. Having the company decide that they no longer wanted  perfectly good and legal business was a blow to many, and now lots of enterprises are scrambling for a replacement.

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Introduction to Marketing for Firearms Instructors

Teaching defensive shooting is the service we provide, but at the end of the day we are in the business of marketing and selling defensive shooting instruction.  How you market your services and who you choose to market to makes the difference.


We all have something to offer the marketplace based on our unique perspectives and how we relate to our clients.

By running a solid and profitable business we enable ourselves to reach a wider audience in which to influence properly and ultimately making our communities safer with responsible gun owners. Read more

At SHOT Show last January I had an interesting discussion with another defensive shooting instructor. We were talking about the idea of an instructor always being a student, and the need for continuing education if one is to be a conscientious teacher.

He told me, quite proudly, that he’d already signed up for two courses this year, both of them from well-known shooters. He then asked what classes I was taking.

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