What are the benefits of Membership?

ADSI is an educational organization, so the primary value of the membership should be in the information you gain from our contributors and your peers. This educational information will be made available to you through a variety of means including:
  • Exclusive Articles and Videos dealing with important Instructor Development Issues
  • Members Only Forum
  • Monthly Email Blast with alerts, information and special offers for Members Only
  • Online Courses covering a variety of Instructor Development Topics (Beginning in the second quarter of 2013!)

In addition, when you register as an Associate Member*, you’ll receive the following:

  • Membership Certificate
  • Tenets of Professionalism Certificate (suitable for framing)
  • Personalized Membership Card (With¬†the Tenets of Professionalism on the back!)
  • ADSI WarriorChip
  • ADSI Decal

*All ADSI Members join as “Associate Members”. When we launch our distance learning program in the second quarter of 2013, it will include the online courses that will provide the path to Full Membership as a certified Defensive Shooting Instructor. This program will be Conceptual & Procedural and not Doctrinal. Full Members are not expected to teach the same courses, curricula, techniques and/or tactics, but are expecting to approach professional instruction in a similar way, agree on fundamental safety procedures, industry standard practices and range protocols and have a mutual respect for each other’s methods and programs.