The Code of the Professional Defensive Shooting Instructors:
A Personal View by Grant Cunningham.

When I talk with other instructors, I don't spend a lot of time - any, really - on calibers, stopping power, or any of the other trite topics which are the staple of gun magazines and online forums. I'm not all that excited about shooting per se, but am very intrigued with the ideas that underlie the teaching of others: how to communicate more effectively, how to bring concepts and ideas to life for my students.

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What is your Instructor Identity? by Rob Pincus

RJP_rudy_headWhat does it mean to be a Defensive Shooting Instructor?  How do you define yourself as such?

2013 is the 10th Anniversary of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program and I’ve it has now been a dozen years since I left police work to focus on a full time career as a professional firearms instructor. In that time, I have had the honor and pleasure of working with most of the top names in the industry, been associated with many of our leading companies and taught in almost ever state in the union and a healthy handful of other countries. Read more

Instructor! What defines an instructor? by Mike Seeklander

mike-seeklander-150Those of you reading this article will certainly either be, or believe you are instructors.  Now, don’t take offense to my “believe you are” line in that last sentence.  The truth is, during times in the past I truly thought I was an instructor too…and while I might have held the title, I was far from it.  In the past 12 years, since I was hired as a full time “instructor” by the Federal Air Marshal service in December of 2001, I have been either a full time instructor, or mentor/leader of instructors.  There are times in the past when I spent a good deal of my time Read more

Not Here by George T. Williams

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s courage involved if you want

to become truth.  There is a broken

open place in a lover.  Where are

those qualities of bravery and sharp

compassion in this group?  What’s the

use of old and frozen thought?  I want

a howling hurt.  This is not a treasury

where gold is stored; this is for copper.

We alchemists look for talent that

can heat up and change. Lukewarm

won’t do.  Half-hearted holding-back,

well-enough, getting-by?  Not here.


How does anything that Rumi wrote apply to teaching tactics, combatives, the brutal struggle to overcome assault and to accomplish the mission, even at the cost of one’s own life?  Perhaps you might wish to read it again from a different perspective.

To find the tactical truth, or the combatives truth, or the shooting truth—any warrior truth—you must Read more

Teaching use of Deadly Force By Marty Hayes, J.D.

scale25 years ago, I made a vow.  No, not to love and cherish, but instead, to never teach a person how to kill, unless I also taught then when and when not to kill.  I started my own firearms training business in 1988, and based on my learning about use of deadly force in self defense as a law enforcement officer, I taught the students about the elements of Ability, Opportunity and Jeopardy.  Now, I realize that a whole lot of water has gone under the proverbial bridge in the last 25 years, but Read more

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